Lewis Resmond

Fact sheet

Dimension Planet Earth
Species Anthro Asian Water Monitor
Gender Male
Height 170 cm = 5'7''
Weight 86 kg = 190 lbs (including tail)
Nationality Dual (Balklands and United States of Eurasia)
Country of Origin Balklands
Religion Atheist
Job(s) Truck driver for DinoShippingCorp (previously)
Farmer (currently)
Sexual orientation Bisexual (tending gay), switching top/bottom
Personality Extremely dominant and rough

Chapter 1: Childhood and teenage age

Lewis's mother was a prostitute. Lewis was conceived by an unknown client. His mothed died during his birth.

After being born, Lewis was brought to the orphanage. Life was tough, as he was beaten by the caregivers when he misbehaved, and he didn't get much to eat. One of the very few toys he had was a toy truck.

The flag of the Balklands
At the schoolyard, Lewis could release his anger by bullying the other kids. He beat them and took their money which he then spent to get better food. His behavior eventually led to permanent suspension and so Lewis left school without graduation.

For a short period of time, Lewis lived in a cheap apartment and worked in a BurgerWorld franchise restaurant. He was fired after it was discovered that he spat on burgers for customers he didn't like. Losing his job became a big problem, since he was not able to pay his rent anymore. He had to act quickly!

Chapter 2: The first kill (Age 17)

During Lewis's teenage age, the situation in the Balklands was very difficult as criminality and poverty ruled the country. Additionally, the borders were closed, as many people tried to escape. Lewis also wanted to flee and find a place where he would get a good job and a new place to live

With the age of 17, Lewis went to a human smuggler who should bring him as part of a group of refugees over the border to the United States of Eurasia. He gave him all money he had left, in order to be accepted.

The group of refugees was brought to a semitrailer, and the journey - which was supposed to last nearly a week - began. Unfortunately, the human smuggler was a criminal, as he killed one of his passengers each night.

One night, it was Lewis's turn. He was pulled out of the semitrailer and was about to be raped and killed at gunpoint. But due to his strong will to life, he managed to kill his torturer using a crowbar which was laying around

Lewis looked at the corpse, laying in a growing blood puddle, and couldn't believe what he had done. He panicked, as he understood that he committed homicide and a large of group of people was about to witness it, once they would get released. He could get hanged for this crime, as nobody would believe an illegal refugee. Not able to handle the situation, he took the Desert Eagle from the dead trucker, together with enough ammunition, went into the semi-trailer and shot every person inside. He then fled into the pine woods.

Fortunately, the truck had already passed the border, so Lewis was now free, and about to begin a new life. He decided to keep the Desert Eagle with him, though.

Chapter 3: A new life in the United States of Eurasia (Age 18)

Thinking about the human smuggler who had nearly killed him, Lewis was disgusted and fascinated at the same time. He wished that he could have such a power over life and death. Nobody would ever bully or humiliate him again. Everybody would respect and fear him. He would get everything he wants, if necessary, with force of arms.
So, he made a decision: He wanted to make a living by becoming a trucker. And if he gets the chance, he would also become a human smuggler, as some kind of side job.
The flag of the U.S.E.
To finance his first appartment and his driver's license, he worked as casual laborer in a slaughterhouse.
Once he had his driver's license, he began applying for jobs at shipping companies.
Lewis first applied at the shipping company Black Forest Fleet (BFF). Unfortunately, his application was rejected.
He then applied at DinoShippingCorp (DSC) and was chosen to get the job. He could arrange following deal with his boss:
  • Lewis would get a free driving lessons at driving school for truckers in order to upgrade his driver's license.
  • He would get support in the immigration procedure / citizenship test.
  • He can have the truck 24/7, living in it (as he didn't want to have an apartment which would require him to stay at a place). In his spare time, he can privately drive the truck, however, he then must bear all costs for these private journeys.
  • He would get a freshly laundered Uniform each week.
  • In return for this freedom, Lewis had to agree on a very low wage.

With the age of 19, he successfully passed the citizenship test and got the driving license.

Chapter 4: Founding a gang (Age 30)

Lewis hated the Black Forest Fleet from the bottom of his heart, because of three things:
  1. He was very resentful because they rejected his application.
  2. The growth of the other shipping companies brings his job and the job of his comrades in danger, because they "steal" the orders from them with their low prices.
  3. Lewis felt a bit envious because the employees of BFF had probably even more freedom, flexible working hours, higher wages, etc.

Other colleagues of Lewis had similar feelings, and after Lewis noticed that they are also armed and nearly as criminal as himself, he decided to kill a random BFF trucker at a parking lot. Sharing pictures and bragging about the murder, many fellow DSC truckers praised Lewis and soon he became the leader of a small trucker gang that regularly messes with BFF. The DSC gang mostly consists of lizards, as Lewis dislikes furred species. BFF themselves also formed a gang in response to Lewis's group.

Killing is not usual, though, especially because they need to take care that they don't get caught. Most of the time, they just brawl and bully each other, demolish the load of the rivaling company, or even manipulate their trucks (stealing the gas, put stuff in the tank to damage the engine or slash the tires, etc.). But sometimes, a bloody gang war emerges. During such a war, the members of the rivaling gangs kill each other in the most gruesome ways

During his life as gang leader, Lewis got several tattoos and piercings. He also bought a nose-ring which he is usually wearing when he is in the mood of being sexually submissive.

Although Lewis committed many crimes, he never became a human smuggler, mostly because the routes and schedule of his regular job did not match very well with popular emigration routes, and there were not many goods exchanged between the two countries.

Chapter 5: Finding his true love (Age 33)

During a pause at the rest stop, Lewis witnessed a sun dragon who was about to be robbed by a group of people. Lewis recused the sun dragon by threaten the robbers with his gun. The 20 years old sun dragon, his name was Mike, and he was a boy scout leader. For the first time in his life, Lewis felt love and so Mike became his boyfriend. Although both seem to be extremely different (Lewis being very dominant and rough and Mike being very sensitive), they fit together very well, as Mike secretly enjoyed being cared with roughness.

Mike often joined Lewis’s during his journeys. Every year, they would visit the bars, casinos and brothels in the big cities like (the European version of) Las Vegas.

Lewis made sure that Mike never finds out about his life as gang leader. He was sure that Mike would leave him if he would find out what he had done. Lewis assured that the Desert Eagle in his glove box is only for protecting his load from thieves.


Chapter 6: Working on the farm (Age 43)

On a winter night, Lewis, who was a truck driver for DinoShippingCorp, had a delivery towards the Balklands, near the location where he once lived, and had a few short-lived relationships before he fled. It was very strange to visit this place again. The Balklands have changed. There is not so much poverty anymore and the population density is much higher than it used to be. Everything looked so more modern.

Lewis wondered what happened to the frog girl (and actually, wanted to have another one-night stand). But arrived at the farm, he just found Jace. The lizardman learned that the frog girl has passed away many years ago and that Jace is apparently his son.

Jace was not very excited to see his father who has left him alone all the time. But he decided to let Lewis stay there for a few days. Lewis kept helping Jace work on the farm and it turned out that they had a lot of similarities and shared interests.

Eventually, Lewis quit his job as a trucker and began to work full-time at Jace's farm.
A few years later, they founded a company together, naked Jace Lewis Animals, Ltd.


(As the character evolves, more content might come in the future)

Chapter X: The demise (Age 65)

At the age of 65, after Lewis had rejected to pay a whore and insulted her pimp, he was murdered by a group of Dobermans, the pimp being one of them.

Related persons

Mike was one of his boyfriends.
He is a boy scout leader.

Jace Romeo is one of his sons, resulting from a one-night stand. He is a frog-lizard mixture, living in the Balklands.

Liam, Ethan, Nomad and others are members of his gang.


  • Favorite Music: Country
  • Favorite Food: Fast Food (Hamburgers)
  • Favorite Drink: Beer (Brand: Archer Beer)
  • Possible voice actor: Paul Giamatti, but with Southern accent
  • Lewis is usually extremely dominant. However, from time to time, he switches to the submissive side, letting others dominate and sometimes even humiliate him. When he is in sexual submissive situations, he wears a detachable, broad nose ring. (But sometimes, he just also wears it in casual situations. If someone makes jokes of it, he will get beaten)
  • Lewis is very proud of his actual home country, the Balklands. He wears the flag of the Balklands on his belt, to honor his ancestry. He often wanted to return to the Balklands, but he was afraid that he would crash into poverty again.
  • Lewis dislikes furred species. (Speciesism is usual in the Balklands)
  • Lewis calls himself a "truck nomad", since he lives in a truck.
  • Lewis's truck is a dark brown MAM (Men and Machines) V8 truck, and usually has a white curtain-sided semi-trailer.
  • Lewis usually drives huge loads of "Archer Beer" all around the country. However, some people are curious why there is always a "heavy damaged" palette of beer on his deliveries with bottles missing.
  • He loves pissing at the rear double tires of his tractor, to mark it as his own. He does not allow any other males to mark his truck.
  • He loves arm wrestling with other truckers or entering literal pissing contests with fellow truckers.
  • He drinks a lot of beer. (Favorite brand: Canned archer beer, stolen from his cargo) He usually drinks a six-pack every night, even if he must drive the next day. He usually bites open the cans. At weekends, when he must stay at a resting area due to trucker driving regulations, he is usually drunk.
  • He often talks vulgar, dirty or tough, in trucker slang and Southern US dialect.
  • Lewis is very untidy and does not keep himself or his truck clean, even though he loves his truck very much.
  • Somestimes he takes hitchhikers, however, they need to follow the rule "gas or ass".

Fun facts

  • The Name "Lewis Resmond" comes from the name "Lewis R. Redmond", an outlaw born in 1854.
  • The BurgerWorld restaurant is the same as in the TV show Beavis & Butthead.
  • The idea with the trucker gangs emerged from the episode "Fight Schlub" of the TV Show "King of Queens". In that episode, there was also a rivaling shipping company whose members messed with the protagonist Doug Heffernan.
  • The boots of Lewis are John Bull Highlander 2.0.
  • The truck brand MAM (Men and Machines) is a modification of MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg).


  • He is an asshole and a slob
  • Extremely dominant and rough
  • Rude
  • Intolerant
  • Arrogant
  • Provocative
  • Unkempt appearance
  • Doesn't care about rules and the law
  • Patriotic (loves the Balklands)
  • Drinks a lot
  • Criminal
  • Tries to compensate his small body size with violence and his weapon
  • He gets everything he wants, if necessary, with force of arms